Shock and shame, Turks send naked migrants to Greece via Evros – See photo

The photo of the rescue of 92 illegal immigrants on Friday in Evros shows in the most vivid way Turkey’s inhuman instrumentalization of human misery

The inhuman practices used by Turkey against immigrants are confirmed in the most shocking way by a photo from Evros about the inhuman instrumentalization of human misery.

In the photo that captures in the most vivid way the inhumane instrumentalization of human misery, naked migrants can be seen who were rescued on Friday by police officers of the Border Guard Department of Feron, in cooperation with Frontex.

In total, the Greek authorities rescued 92 illegal immigrants from the banks of the river Evros, who had been abandoned at the scene completely naked and without the slightest equipment.

As the Ministry of Citizen Protection typically states, “Turkey continues to openly use immigrants as a tool, to violate human rights, to violate International Law.”

The specific people, as they themselves stated to the Greek Police, had been transported to Evros in three vehicles of the Turkish Authorities, while they then boarded plastic boats to cross over to the Greek side.

It is recalled that the Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, denounced Turkey’s behavior at the Council of Ministers of the Interior and Public Order in Luxembourg on Friday, while also informing the competent European Commissioner about its daily challenges, presenting audio-visual material.

“At a time when Greece is effectively protecting its borders, showing respect for human life, Turkey continues to ignore not only International Law, but also basic human behavior,” concludes the announcement of the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

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The announcement of ELAS on the detection of 92 illegal immigrants in Evros

On 10-14-2022 in the morning, in the Feron district of Alexandroupolis, police officers of the Feron Border Guard Department found ninety-two (92) illegal immigrants without clothes and some of them with physical injuries. From the investigation of Greek police and Frontex officials, it was established that they were pushed into Greek territory, in plastic boats from Turkey to Greece through the river Evros.

All the clothing – feeding and first aid needs of the above persons were immediately covered by the Greek Authorities.

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