Serbian-“rocket”: “Greece is under pressure to recognize Kosovo, will “give in” – Athens is the “weakest” link”!

In a “bombshell” revelation, the largest Serbian media outlet made a revelation about Kosovo.

The publication states that at the moment, “Greece is under the greatest attack-pressure, which in the political circles of the West is estimated to be the first to “give in” and finally “encourage” the other EU members who do not recognize the so-called Kosovo, let them do it”!


”The USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy – activated all official and unofficial diplomatic ways in order to increase the pressure on the five members of the European Union that did not recognize Kosovo, to change this position.

For years, Spain, Greece, Romania, Slovakia and Cyprus have been called upon to recognize the bogus state of Kosovo, which would give the Pristina patrons huge leeway and a strong trump card in so-called Kosovo.

The said debate on recognition of Kosovo was “pushed” to many international organizations, including the United Nations and NATO. At the same time, this would further weaken Serbian positions in the defense of the southern province.

Since the outbreak of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, pressure on the European five has escalated, as the leading Western powers want to use the completion of Kosovo’s independence as a strong argument in their conflict with Russia.

At the moment, Greece is under the greatest attack-pressure, which in the political circles of the West is estimated to be the first to “give in” and eventually “encourage” the other EU members who do not recognize the so-called Kosovo to do so. do.

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The blackmail, so far successfully resisted by Madrid, Athens, Bratislava, Bucharest and Nicosia, was first triggered by the recent attempt to open the doors of the Council of Europe to Pristina.

It is clear to the Albanian leaders from Kosovo, as well as to their mentors, that the European five is a significant weight in the balance when deciding to join major international organizations. This was demonstrated last week when Pristina, aware that it does not have the necessary support, withdrew its application to join Interpol.

After German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, during his visit to the region in June, openly made it a condition that Serbia recognize Kosovo if it wishes to join the EU, a chain of similar political actions followed within the EU institutions.

Thus, in the annual report on Kosovo and Metohija, which it recently adopted, the European Parliament issued an open invitation to EU members to recognize the so-called Kosovo.

The former head of diplomacy, Vladislav Jovanovic, explains to “Novosti” that in the West they firmly decided to complete the so-called project of independent Kosovo, which they created by illegal means. They are using all means in this action and are now targeting EU countries that do not stand by Pristina:

“Now they estimate that Athens is the most ‘weakest’ link, because in addition to economic dependence on the EU, it also has a permanent security problem with Turkey, for which, for example, it could receive some guarantees. If Greece did this, it might be expected that Cyprus would follow them. I think that three countries – Spain, Romania and Slovakia, which are full of open and simmering national problems, will resist to the end.”

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Jovanović points out that this is all part of the pressure on Serbia to recognize Kosovo itself and impose sanctions on Russia, and that the tactics used are varied, from open to so-called frivolous final threats.

Dejan S. Miletić, from the Center for Globalization Studies (CGS), has no doubt that the strongest pressures on the five EU members come from the countries of the Quint (USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy)”. reports the Serbian publication!

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