Scans the HERON speck by speck on the border line

Continuation of the Unmanned Aircraft flights made available by the FRONTEX Organization in the context of improving the operational capabilities of the L.S. – EL.AKT

About a week ago we wrote that the first operational flight of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) type HERON 1, made available by the European Border and Coast Guard Organization (FRONTEX), to the Coast Guard – Hellenic Coast Guard took place in Tympaki, Crete, where it will be located now its base.

The said M.E.A. will carry out flights within the framework of the Joint European Operation “POSEIDON”, which has been carried out on a continuous basis since May 2008 under the coordination of the L.S. Headquarters. – EL.AKT and EL.AS, and under the supervision of the FRONTEX Organization.

Today it seems to have been spotted near Rhodes.

Given the exit of the new Turkish drilling rig in the ocean, we analyzed in another article how the HERON-1 achieves indirect recognition of our rights in the EEZ of southern Crete and the relationship with the Abdülhamid Han drilling rig.

Bearing in mind the above, but also the announcement from Turkey that in the first days of August the Turkish drilling rig Abdülhamid Han will go out into the Mediterranean, with the chances that it will most likely be sent south of Crete within the Greek EEZ, which Erdogan and Sarraj with the illegal Turkish-Libyan memorandum have divided their countries, it is understood that Greece-EU-USA are preparing, focusing their attention on the region in question

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It will be unthinkable for a Turkish drilling rig to operate within the Greek EEZ, within the jurisdictional limits of FRONTEX which will monitor with the HERON 1 UAV the sea area in question, as well as the European partners through the EU satellite analysis center of Torexon of Spain, as and the US and all remain passive observers of Erdogan’s Turkish atrocities

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