Saravala the Turkish aircraft – On the ground 4 out of 10 – What happens to the spare parts

4 out of 10 Turkish aircraft remain grounded – What do Greek officers think about the state of the Turkish air force.

What if Recep Tayyip Erdogan boldly declares that “we will come suddenly one night”? The… results show otherwise, as the Turkish air force is at one of the worst points in its history!

Although official figures are not available, it is estimated that more than 40% of Turkey’s fighter jets are grounded, with several of the rest still having a few hours of flight before they too enter the hangars.

According to what Real News reports, experienced officers estimate that, due to a lack of spare parts, the percentage of aircraft that will not be available is expected to increase even more in the next period of time.

In fact, in the effort to upgrade their fighters, the door of the USA is closed. Let’s not forget, of course, that the neighboring country is on the verge of… a stroke after the successive “slaps”, regarding the agreements it has signed with the Government of Tripoli.

Thus, the Turks have turned to South Korea, which however does not seem willing to grant the technology that Ankara has requested. For this reason, lately the Turkish government has been trying to secure an agreement with Britain for the supply of Eurofighters.

However, there is also an availability problem in terms of human resources. It is estimated that a pilot to be able to go out to the Aegean “ready” costs the state about 9 million euros.

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The cost of training alone, before being able to fly an F-16 alone, amounts to 1.5 million euros, at a time when a pilot’s training time reaches seven years.

From the above it is easy to understand the Turkish government’s decision to send letters to over 400 pilots it expelled in previous years.

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