S. Lavrov: “There is no point in maintaining embassies in the West”! – Diplomacy end

Moscow is evacuating its embassies in the West: The reason seems to have been the statements made by the Greek Foreign Minister yesterday in Kyiv where he threatened the Russian President with a trial and conviction by the International Court of Justice even if the Greek official is considered “of minor importance” in the international diplomatic environment and Greece is nothing more than a branch of the Western security system, Moscow seems to be using it as an excuse for a total “blocking” of its diplomatic relations with NATO and EU countries!

Russian Foreign Minister S. Lavrov said yesterday that “There is no point in maintaining embassies in the West” this means closing embassies or turning them into simple representative offices.

They will emphasize the countries they cooperate with, in Asia and Africa.

It is noted that he made the statements after N. Dendia’s statements about the “trial and conviction of B. Putin”.

“There is no sense and no inclination, of course, to maintain the same presence in Western countries,” Lavrov said during a meeting with new graduates recently hired by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Russian diplomats are working there “in conditions that can hardly be described as humane, they are constantly creating problems for them, constantly making threats,” Lavrov stressed.

“But the most important thing is that there is no work there since Europe decided to exclude us, to suspend all economic cooperation” with Moscow, he continued.

“What to do; We cannot force others to love us,” added the head of Russian diplomacy.

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“Third World countries, in Asia as well as in Africa, on the contrary need additional attention,” he noted, clarifying that Russia has many projects there, especially commercial ones, “which require diplomatic accompaniment.”

“Under these conditions, we will naturally shift the center of gravity to those countries that are ready to work on equal terms and cooperate with us on a mutually beneficial basis,” Lavrov concluded.

It should be recalled that the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, M. Zakharova, had warned of the interruption of diplomatic relations since August.

“They should know: we are prepared for any development of the situation. And if Washington chooses to stop any contacts with Moscow, we will overcome it,” Zakharova said at the time.

This will have terrifying consequences because the interruption of diplomatic relations in History is followed by… war.

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