Russians: We learned in Ukraine that UAVs are needed and a lot of them – What is the secret of success?

Russians: We learned in Ukraine that they need UAVs, and indeed a lot of them, so we took extraordinary measures.

This is argued by Ilya Kramnik, a military observer and researcher at the IMEMO RAS institute in Moscow.

According to Kramnik, “the issue of equipping the domestic armed forces with unmanned aerial vehicles deserves special mention.”

“During the special operation in Ukraine, the lack of UAVs manifested itself extremely strongly and had to be covered by emergency measures, up to the purchase of commercial vehicles of imported (mainly Chinese) production through volunteers,” the Russian researcher said characteristically.

According to Kramnik, thanks to the volunteers, “a system was created for the supply of tactical UAVs, technical support, repair, modifications and operator training.”

The Russian military industry has reportedly started building unmanned vehicles, but according to the Russian researcher their “rate of production is insufficient.”

“The role of UAVs in the current conflict is very high, especially in cases where the devices (including drones) are included in an information network that provides automated data exchange. Elements of such a network exist in the Russian Armed Forces, although not yet everywhere, and the increase in the effectiveness of the use of weapons, both unguided and high-precision, directly depends on how widely they will be introduced in the future,” it is emphasized.

In a few words, the Russian analyst talks about the need to create a network-centric transmission of the information collected by the UAVs. That is, the information that a UAV receives on the battlefield should go directly to the general staff and not remain at the level of the operator and on the more specialized battlefield.

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It should be noted that the Ukrainians have achieved the above largely due to the help provided by the Americans through Elon Musk’s Starlink network and information from American telecommunications satellites.

And here the question is worth mentioning.

In case of need, will Greece have an “American” above it who will give us its satellites and facilitate us in telecommunications?

We are well on our way with the 5G network that is being created in Greece with the Belharra, F-16 and Rafale that can transmit images in real time, but this does not mean that Greece should stop improving its communications as well as to proceed with the modernization of its flying radars (including from Erieye to Globaleye).

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