Russian experts: Original solutions to protect against Javelin

Javelin anti-tank systems are widely used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In the context of the enemy’s use of Western weapons such as Javelin anti-tank systems during the NMD, Russian experts proposed original solutions to protect the weapons and equipment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Thus, in an interview with Zvezda, the deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Defense Dmitry Bulgakov commented on information about a new invention by Russian engineers that allows armored vehicles to be protected by American Javelin anti-tank missile systems.

“The fact is that the fulfillment of any combat mission and the conduct of hostilities always give impetus to development. Therefore, faced with such a new task – the protection of weapons and equipment – our repair operators, driver-mechanics and representatives of industry understood what can be done to protect themselves,” said a representative of the Russian defense department. in a conversation on the sidelines of the International Military Technical Forum “Army-2022”.

The deputy minister said that the protection system created by Russian experts today allows the country’s Armed Forces, in fact, to protect weapons and equipment from attacks.

”There is a principle of self-preservation in both man and technology. Both the simplest and the most extraordinary solution are original. Therefore, these things were invented,” Bulgakov said.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that during the special operation, the myth of the Western “superplane”, which included Javelin, HIMARS and “unique” drones, was successfully dispelled. As the head of the Ministry of Defense noted, all of the above “grind” in the battles and do not have a significant impact on the overall situation.

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