Russian commander: Bang and down! You hit the British Isles with hypersonic missiles & finally the war in Ukraine

With ‘lethal’ missiles, Russian official claims UK could be wiped out to help end war in Ukraine – ‘We’ll turn UK into Third World country’

The Russian military commander Andrey Guruliov and current member of the Russian State Duma “struck again”!

This time, speaking on Russian television, he expressed the idea that Putin would hit the United Kingdom with hypersonic missiles, turn it into a third world country, and thus end the war.

Specifically, he states: “The main target is neither Germany nor France, but the British Isles. With the supersonic, “lethal” missiles at our disposal, capable of reaching their target within three minutes, we can easily “wipe out the British Isles” and turn the United Kingdom into a third world country. London knows that it does not have the ability to respond to our hypersonic missiles.”

Thus, by eliminating the British Isles, the war in Ukraine will also be completed. It will completely change the outcome of the conflict. As at this moment, a counter-offensive by the Ukrainians is underway and Putin’s plans are “falling apart”.

Guruliov continued: ”It’s the closest goal, a nice goal!”

The term “British Isles” is a geographical term that refers to Great Britain and its surrounding islands, including the island of Ireland. The Republic of Ireland has been neutral since the 1930s.

An attack on the UK would likely trigger a world war due to its position in NATO, where an attack on one member state is considered an attack on all of them.

Guruliov appeared to believe that the strike would prevent the West from supporting Ukraine if such a devastating attack, in which millions of civilians could be killed, were to occur.

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”They realize that the number of missiles currently deployed allows for the destruction of the entire UK air force… Yes they are preparing for war with us.”

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