Rafale vs F-16: The first breathtaking virtual dogfight – The “molen lave” the answer to those who say “night will come”

The message of Sminagos Tzallas through the F-16 fighter of the “ZEUS” demonstration group over Flisvos did not just shock. It was yet another sign that the morale of our Air Force airmen has soared and they are ready to win if required. At the same time, it was a resounding response to those who daily threaten that “they will come at night”.

Kostas Sarikas

“We are masters of the ethers. For whoever dares, JUST TAKE day and night” said the experienced Squadron Leader in a steely voice, conveying the message of the Air Force to the defiant neighbors. Earlier he gave written samples of the abilities of the Greek flyers in a breathtaking display flying the F-16 fighter literally to its limits.

The morale emitted by the HAF hawk is about all airmen of our Air Force. With the image that reaches the Military Squadrons and the Tactical Air Headquarters at the end of each difficult day over the Aegean being revelatory. It is reflected in the radars, it is reflected in the dialogues of the pilots and especially in what is recorded by the cameras of the fighters when they return from the Aegean front.

Determining factors that vertically strengthen the psychology of the HAF pilots are the equipment reinforcement of the Air Force, the increase in availability and the upward trend in the flying hours recorded every month by the “hawks” in all the Military Squadrons. The difficult days of the past decade when fliers were often stranded for days are a thing of the past.

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While at the same time the training has gone to another level since the exercises and joint trainings with leading Allied and friendly air forces are succeeding each other. Almost every day Greek fighters fly with a different air force and a different type of fighter. They are introduced to complex tactics and high-difficulty scenarios while showing that they excel in many areas such as their interception capabilities.

The virtual dogfight over Flisbos between the Rafale and F-16 was the first the public had been able to see since the acquisition of the French jets about ten months ago. And to admire the strength of the Rafale against the HAF’s most reliable fighter that carries the heavy burden of interceptions over the Aegean. But the French fighters are already on track to be integrated into the operational plans of the Air Force. On the day of the HAF holiday on November 8, the Greek arsenal will have two more rounds and new ones at that. While at the same time the 343 Star Fighter Squadron in Crete has started to “load” the upgraded “vipers” with the F-16 fighters in Viper configuration.

Even on the 28th of October and also yesterday, while the Air Force was going through festive days, the neighbors tried their luck again over the Aegean with a barrage of violations. To see once again the Greek F-16, Mirage 2000-5 in “HOUR 6” and leave defeated. And as long as the Turkish air force is in vertigo far from new F-16s and with the F-35s “turned off” while the HAF is being reinforced, the Greek pilots will capitalize “HOUR 6” in every attempt to challenge their dominance over from the Aegean.

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