Rafale: They put supersonic missiles on French fighters and Belharra that will destroy Turkish ships in 3 seconds

Rafale: They put supersonic missiles on French fighters and Belharras which will give a 3 second reaction time.

The French Rafale will be equipped with stealth hypersonic cruise missiles, with the French making this decision after analyzing the war in Ukraine.

These rockets will be called Perseus (after the ancient Greek hero Perseus).

The maximum speed of the missile will be Mach 5 and it will have a launch platform other than the Rafale and ships or submarines.

When the missile reaches its target side warheads will be released, acting as submunitions, enabling the Perseus to hit multiple targets at once.

Missiles moving at the sea surface limit will give enemy ships a reaction time of only 3 seconds.

The missile will be able to be launched from the A70 Sylver launcher which can also be carried by the Greek Belharra.

It should be noted that the delivery of the fourth and fifth French FDIs for 2031 and 2032 will be postponed, as the French Navy was not spared from the financial cuts.

French authorities plan to postpone the delivery of the fourth and fifth FDI frigates to 2031 and 2032 (versus 2028 and 2029).

According to exclusive information from the French latribune.fr, the FDI (Naval Group) frigate program could be affected by possible austerity policies that are expected to be activated.

Could France turn to Greece for the purchase of these new French frigates in their export form? The French consider the above option a one-way street.

If Greece were to consider buying two more Belharras (i.e. instead of the one that is the design), then the corvette program (and the French Gowinds in them) could be scaled back or cancelled, with the Greece looking for a solution for corvettes in the European Eurocorvette program?

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