Presentation of the KF41 Lynx at KETTH next week

From Savvas D. Vlassis

Germany’s Rheinmetall is going to make a live presentation of the KF41 Lynx Armored Fighting Vehicle in Greece next week. The presentation will take place at the Armored Training Center (KETTH) in Avlona under the auspices of the GES Infantry Division, on July 21 and 22. Although initially the planning provided for the two days of July 13-14, for various reasons the presentation was postponed a few days.

For the purposes of the presentation, one of the three Lynx prototypes will have been brought to Greece, specifically the one painted with the digital variant. On the first day, a morning and afternoon program is included, in order to demonstrate the virtues of the vehicle at night. The demonstration of full operation in the dark in “silent mode” configuration, i.e. with the engine off, will be interesting, thanks to the system of 8 Lithium Ion batteries, which ensure an autonomy of 72 hours!

On the second day, the presentation will be extended to senior officers and a mobility demonstration will be conducted, with an infantry squad mounted on the vehicle. Although no firings will be carried out, the presentation will highlight the Lynx’s comparative firepower strengths, such as the already certified ability to fire SPIKE anti-tank missiles and advanced 30mm cannon ammunition with types carrying a timed fuze tube for aerial breaching.

The interest shown in Greece for a new TOMA has also attracted the interest of BAE Systems, which proposes the CV-90 MkIV of Swedish origin, recently selected by Slovakia. On Monday, July 11, representatives of the company made a presentation of the vehicle’s hall to GES staff.

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