Presence of the GEETHA Chief at the Opening Ceremony of the 54th CISM World Military Sailing Championship in Greece

On Friday 9 June 2023, GEETHA Chief General Konstantinos Floros declared the opening of the 54th International Council of Military Sports (CISM) World Military Sailing Championships to be held in Greece from Wednesday 7 to Thursday 15 June 2023 (click here), in a ceremony that took place at the facilities of the School of Naval Cadets in Piraeus.

In the context of the event, a greeting was addressed by the Chief of the GEETHA, the representative and Secretary General of the CISM Navy Captain Roberto Recchia and the head of the Greek Delegation to the CISM and Director of the Secretariat of the Supreme Sports Council of the Armed Forces (ASAED) Captain (O) Spyridon Andriopoulos PN .

The Chief of GEETHA during his greeting, after welcoming the guests, as well as the Greek and foreign athletes, referred to the sport of sailing, which is inextricably linked to the Greek tradition, pointing out at the same time the particularity that characterizes it, since the athletes beyond it among the competition they also have to face the challenges of the weather conditions during the race.

He made special mention of the historical symbolism of holding the games in the area of ​​the Saronic Gulf, where more than two thousand years ago the Naval Battle of Salamis took place.

He then highlighted the common virtues and values ​​that link the Armed Forces and sports, including perseverance and a commitment to victory, which is demonstrated by the inclusion of sports in all military training programs worldwide.

In closing, the GEETHA Chief underlined the key role of CISM in promoting the spirit of sports in the Armed Forces, and at the same time thanked all the organizations that support the conduct of the Military Sailing Championship, wishing success to the competitors.

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To read the greeting of Chief GEETHA, click here here.

The opening ceremony was also attended by:

● The Ambassador of Ukraine to Greece Mr. Shutenko Sergii.
● The Chief GEA Vice Admiral (I) Themistocles Bourolias.
● The Inspector General of the Army – Commander of Doctrine and Training (GEPS-DIDOE) Lt. Gen. Anastasios Spanos as the representative of GES Chief Lt. Gen. Angelos Houdeloudis.
● The Vice-Chief of GETHA Vice-Admiral Frangiskos Leloudas PN.
● The Commanding Officer of the Naval Cadet School (NSD) Rear Admiral Christos Sasiakos PN as the representative of the Chief of General Staff Vice Admiral Ioannis Drymousis PN, the 2nd Deputy Chief of the Coast Guard – Hellenic Coast Guard Vice Admiral L.S. – EL.AKT. Aristides Pantazoglou as the representative of the Chief of the Coast Guard – Hellenic Coast Guard Vice Admiral L.S. Georgiou Alexandraki and Lieutenant General Christos Manouras as the representative of the Chief of the Hellenic Police (HELP) Lieutenant General Lazaros Mavropoulos.

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