POMENS announcement about the rumors about the creation of a joint health corps in the ED.

Colleagues – Colleagues,
As POMENSlately we have shared the anguish of our colleagues in the health professions, due to articles referring to military health personnel and rumors about a joint health corps of the Armed Forces.
Once again, our Federation must inform and show the way to the point, away from populism and malicious crowns, whose aim is only to clicks and create impressions.
Therefore, within the framework of its institutional role, POMENS – as the Federation of active military personnel and to date with approximately 20,000 registered members, addressed and discussed with the competent staff of the Ministry of National Defense on this specific issue, in order to establish what exactly is happening .
The information that took place, in the presence of the President Mr. Dimitrios Rotas, the Secretary of Organization Mr. Ilias Kollyris and the Secretary of Gender Equality Mrs. Katerina Kiourtsidou, is officially published by POMENS, for the proper information of all our colleagues of the military health personnel , is the following:
There is absolutely no question of creating a common health body. So what is written about the creation of a common health body is not correct.
In addition, the Political Leadership has among its priorities proposals, many of which are expected to be submitted in upcoming bills. Indicatively, some of these proposals are either long-standing requests of our Federation, or move in the right direction for the benefit of our colleagues, such as:

Provision of compensation for on-call doctors and night shifts of nursing staff.
Provision of monthly compensation in addition to salary, for medical military personnel and for military nursing personnel to be available for emergencies, in public hospitals and with possible retroactive effect.
Intention to reduce the administration times of the medical staff to a minimum.
Intention that has to do with the management of the health military personnel of the military hospitals, in the form of HPE.
Provision to exercise Administration in health services and from other medical specialties (e.g. Nurses, Pharmacists, etc.)

In addition, in the next period of time it is expected that the Joint Ministerial Decision (CMD) will be signed for the implementation of the pharmaceutical coverage of active military personnel and their families, from the EOPYY pharmacies.
Also as it was understood to us, that there is a serious intention to speed up the repayment procedures of the debts to the military hospitals and to reduce the bureaucracy for the payment of health costs to the military personnel.
We must acknowledge that everything that has come to our attention shows that the current Political Leadership has set as its goal the resolution of chronic problems that plague the orderly operation of military hospitals, but also the recognition of the work performed by the military health personnel in difficult and adverse situations often working conditions.
We expect what we have shared, to be acted upon by the Political Leadership, for the good of both the personnel and the sensitive area of ​​the health care of the Armed Forces personnel.
Colleagues – Colleagues,
We invite you to contact POMENS, which tells truths without populism, and to be informed through the official website https://pomens.gr.
We enroll members in the Primary Associations of our large Federation family https://pomens.gr/aitisi-eggrafis.
Strengthening our Voice – Strengthening our Participation, for the benefit of all of us.
This is our strength!
For the Executive Secretariat



Dimitrios Rotas
Ashmos (YDK)

George Kyriakakis
Anchis (EM)

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