Police operation in the Tribe of Attica to prevent and fight crime with 6 arrests

Greek police headquarters

Athens, November 3, 2023


Police operation in the Tribe of Attica to prevent and fight crime with 6 arrests

The implementation of the wider operational planning for the prevention and combating of crime in areas and hotspots where intense delinquency is found is underway, while the operational actions will continue at the same pace in this direction.

In this context, an organized police operation was organized and implemented, in the morning hours today, Friday, November 3, 2023, in the wider area of ​​Fyli, in Western Attica.

The operation, which was carried out in the presence of a public prosecutor, involved police forces from the West Attica Security Sub-Directorate, West Attica Police Directorate, Attica Security Directorate/Narcotics Prosecution Sub-Directorate, OPKE, Attica Direct Action Directorate, Attica Police Operations Directorate , Attica Traffic Directorate, with the assistance of DEDDIE.

In the context of the operation, a search was carried out in -1- house, -87- people and -41- vehicles were checked, -3- people were arrested, -9- Code of Conduct violations were confirmed. and 0.5 g were seized. cocaine.

At the same time, -6- people were arrested (-3- for electricity theft, -1- for drugs and -2- for C.O.K.), while in addition the illegal connection to the DEDDIE network was interrupted in -3- houses.

It is recalled that similar special operations in areas with increased delinquency have been carried out in the past. In particular, only between September 11 and October 11, 4,113 arrests were made, of which 1,632 were converted into arrests for various crimes, such as: violation of drug laws, theft, execution of arrest warrants, operation of illegal foundries, illegal carrying of weapons , etc.. (related to the 11-10-2023 Press Release).

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The special operational actions of the Hellenic Police will continue in other areas where increased incidents of delinquency are observed with the aim of reinforcing a sense of security among the citizens.



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