POES joins its voice with the voices of the strikers for a better Tomorrow.

Athens, February 28, 2024

Today, Wednesday, February 28, 2024, a general strike has been declared, under the very heavy shadow left by the memory of the one-year anniversary of the horrific accident in Tempe, where they paid with their lives for the total inadequacy of the state apparatus and private initiative, 57 of our fellow human beings, mostly young children. However, there is also a second very heavy shadow that we must not forget: that of the recent condemnation resolution of the European Parliament on the Rule of Law in our country.

The Constitution, as you know, does not allow the military to participate in strikes. This, however, does not prevent us from shouting with anger and indignation about our problems and declaring our undivided support by joining our voice with the voices of our fellow citizens who are on strike. A right that is being attempted to be abolished, apparently because it is annoying. A right we will defend.

Today the military as sufferers on many levels, remind that they are members of the same Society and face the same problems as it. Today the military shouts (again) that:

The Rule of Law and Institutions need strengthening and support. Undoubtedly, Justice is the main pillar of any Rule of Law.
The Constitution must be strengthened and along with it the Rights which are in full contraction.
The impoverishment of society, supported by various “passes”, must be stopped immediately and real, substantial increases in wages, compensations and pensions must be given, while at the same time, profiteering must be fought.
Education and Health must remain a public good.
Occupational Health and Safety protection mechanisms must be strengthened and made even more independent. Safe working conditions are a human right. Work itself is a human right.
The institution of the Family must be supported rather than indirectly persecuted.
Working conditions must be improved and this can only be done through recruitment and strengthening of the Work.
Transparency must be based on action and not just on words. Disinformation must be suppressed.
The Armed Forces must be strengthened so that they continue to be a factor of stability and security for our Homeland.
The State must be demonized, rationally cleaned and supported.

We hope that today will be the day that we become active citizens again, that we claim in practice again, our rights, that we demand the quality of life that we really deserve, the Rule of Law that we deserve, the Justice that we will trust with our eyes closed, where tragedies are not judged by the election result. Today, the military remember our fallen colleagues and ask for justice for them and for the victims of Tempe and for every other fallen fellow human being. Today we are shouting, LIKE HERE.

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