Philis: The Turkish President does not change, the move Greece must make (Video)

“If Turkey opens the door of the madhouse, we are obliged to enter”

There have been too many analyzes in recent days about Greek-Turkish and with good reason. On the one hand we have the clear non-escalation on the part of Turkey with the exit of the fourth Turkish drilling rig in Turkish territorial waters and on the other hand we have daily Turkish rhetoric, even about the role and presence of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew on the occasion of a sports team jersey, of Transosport, which gave a portion of fans as a gift to the Ecumenical patriarch.

The statements of both President Erdoğan’s Government partner, Mr. Bakhceli, and the recent statements of the Turkish Foreign Minister Hulusi Akar about Kastellorizo ​​certainly deserve attention.

In this context, we recall excerpts from an earlier statement by geopolitics professor Giorgos Filis. The Philis world invokes the saying of George Papandreou, as it was recorded by the newspapers of the period, specifically “Ta Nea” at the end of 1964 during the meeting of the Greek Prime Minister with the American President Lyndon Johnson.

The phrase is attributed to “if Turkey opens the door of the madhouse, we are obliged to enter” in the newspapers of the time.

Mr. Philis, with a good dose of humor, also comments on whether Erdogan and today’s Turkey can change in matters of claims against our country.

Watch the video published by A bit of history and current affairs

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