Patroller: Armed French UAVs are coming at a shock price – They will take off from everywhere

Patroller: Armed French UAVs are coming at a shock price and will be able to fly for up to 30 hours continuously.

The news about the purchase of the French UAV Patroller weapons had been circulating in the Greek defense press for about two years.

Then the report was signed by Dimos Verikios.

Now, two years later, the talks at that time seem to have matured and we are now heading towards an agreement, in the context that was mentioned then.

It should be noted that, as Sportime already wrote two years ago, the French manufacturing company SAGEM intends to advertise the Patroller through their performance in the Aegean, as Turkey did in Nagorno-Karabakh, Syria and Libya with the Bayraktar.

Greece will get four Patrollers, armed with 68mm guided rockets, while it will replace the older generation Greek Le Sperwer UAVs with 50 million euros.

The Patroller uses the same ground control station as the Sperwer II and can take off and land on a 250m runway both day and night.

As a medium-sized UAV, it can also be easily transported by a C-130.
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