Patriot, S-300 and ATACMS crush Turkish Tayfun

The Greek “antidote” to the new Turkish Tayfun ballistic missile is called Patriot, S-300 and ATACMS.

The Ministry of National Defense faces the first test launch of the Turkish Tayfun ballistic missile with composure, but also with several reservations regarding its real operational capabilities.

According to Pentagon circles, the development of the short-range missile, like the Bora earlier, was based on copying corresponding Chinese and Pakistani systems with all that entails.

In fact, based on the first available estimates, its capabilities are far from those of the missiles already in the Greek arsenal, such as the Scalp missiles with a range of over 250 km.

At the same time, however, the Greek Armed Forces appear ready to face Turkey’s attempt to upgrade its missile threat against our country, having in their arsenal anti-ballistic systems such as the Patriot missiles with a maximum range of 160 km, a maximum engagement height of 24 km and a speed 3+Mach, but also the S-300 with a maximum range of 150 km with the ability to engage 6 targets simultaneously.

At the same time, there is also a significant number of ATACMS ballistic missiles, of American design and manufacture, with a range between 165 and 300 kilometers and an explosive warhead of up to 230 kilograms.

“These missiles reach very deep inside Turkey and are the Greek response to the specific Turkish threat. Besides, Ankara, by increasing the range of its missiles, does not threaten Greece much more than it did until recently, because in reality with the 300 thousand of the Bora it reached as far as Thessaloniki.

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In any case, our country has other weapons to be able to face the threat of Tayfun and these are the Patriot and S-300 missiles,” said the director of the Hellenic Arms Control Center, Theodoros Liolios.

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