Patent mark: aerospace leads land and sea in field patent publications

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Aerospace remains the most common field for defense-related patent publications compared to land and maritime with 230,784 filings and grants over the past three years, four times more than the combined total of the other two traditional fields at 25,371 and 26,844 respectively.

According to a GlobalData analysis, aerospace citations are second only to aerospace and defense combined (323,925) with maritime and land coming in eleventh and thirteenth globally for patent citations.

Trends Sectors

Aerospace and defense323,925
C4ISR and electronic warfare74,685
Spare parts and tires63,646
Technology, media and telecommunications55,269
Utensils, accessories31.401
Future mobility30,095
No crew19,896
Consumer applications17,804
Corporate applications12,728
Infrastructure, logistics and support11,495
IT infrastructure equipment11,407
Source: GlobalData

Other notable defense-related areas for patents include C4isr and electronic warfare (74,685), weapons (39,741), and unmanned (19,896). Semiconductors ranked fourteenth in the number of defense-related patent publications over the past three years with 22,983 registered.

The semiconductor sector has been a key defense issue in recent years as China maintains its stance to recapture neighboring Taiwan, which is the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturer. Beijing is increasingly aggressive towards Taiwan, which it views as a breakaway province, and sees “reunification” as a non-negotiable foreign policy goal.

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In June this year, the Japanese government offered to buy JSR, a leading semiconductor equipment maker and key element of the technology supply chain.

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