Participation of 337 and 340 Squadron in the 1st Air Training Series of TLP 2024

From Monday January 22 to Friday February 9, 2024, the 337th Squadron of the 110th Fighter Wing (AM) from Larissa Air Base and the 340th Squadron of the 115th Fighter Wing from Souda Air Base participated in the 1st Air Training Series for the year 2024 of the Tactical Leadership Program (TLP), at Los Llanos Air Force Base, Albacete, Spain. For this purpose, 3 F-16 Block 52+ aircraft of the 110AM and 3 of the 115AM, with similar Flying and Technical personnel, were stationed.

During the training, the Squadrons undertook missions consistent with their role, both in a National and NATO context, with the aim of familiarization and interoperability of personnel, in accordance with NATO standards and procedures.

In this Training Series, apart from Greece, the Air Forces of France participated with Rafale aircraft, of Switzerland with F-18, of Spain with Eurofighter and F-18, of Italy with Eurofighter and HH-101 helicopters and of the Czech Republic with Gripen .

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