Pakistan-Turkey Joint Military Doctrine: Turkish General Visits Islamabad – Athens Must Make Decisions – Video

Turkey and Pakistan are getting closer militarily, which puts Greece and India on alert!

Turkish Ground Forces Commander General Musa Avsever discussed defense and security cooperation with his Pakistani counterpart General Kamar Cavid Bacva.

According to Pakistan Army statement, General Avsever also met Pakistan General Javed Bajwa in Pakistan

During the meeting, cooperation in the field of defense and security was discussed, while issues of mutual and professional interest were also discussed.

Bacva said Pakistan attaches great importance to relations with Turkey, which has deep historical, cultural and religious ties. Both sides agreed to improve military relations, especially in training and counter-terrorism.

“The commander of the Turkish ground forces General Musa Avsever acknowledged the professionalism of the Pakistan Armed Forces. During the meeting, matters of mutual and professional interest were discussed with a special emphasis on defense and security cooperation between the two sister countries,” the Pakistani ED Press Release said.

Pakistani General Javed Bajwa said: “We highly value our brotherly relations with Turkey, which are deeply rooted in history and entrenched in our cultural and religious affinities.”

In addition to security and regional issues, particularly the latest developments in Afghanistan, issues related to enhancing the level and scope of bilateral military engagements and cooperation were discussed.

During the meeting, both sides reaffirmed the commitment that being “all-weather” friends, Pakistan and Turkey will continue to forge deeper strategic ties. They agreed that both countries share a long history of cordial relations and a deep spirit of brotherhood that translates into lasting partnership.

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National danger

Exactly one year ago, a meeting was held between military delegations from Turkey and Pakistan. The meeting took place on December 22-23. Pakistan’s Defense Minister Mian Muhammad Hilal Hussain and Turkish Army Deputy Chief of Staff Selcuk Bayraktaroglu represented the two countries.

There are many indications that the delivery of nuclear weapons to Turkey was discussed! The meeting was also attended by Ismail Demir, Head of Turkish Defense Industry and Temil Kotil, CEO of Turkish Aerospace Limited (TAI).

General Sahir Shamshad of the Pakistan Army, also met Lt. Wali Turkchi. Sources said the transfer of missile technology between the two countries was discussed, as was the purchase of Turkish UAVs from Pakistan.

“Behind the secret Turkey-Pakistan meeting is China”, Indian media reported at the time.

Erdogan has never made a secret of his desire to put Turkey in the club of nuclear-armed countries. As he said two years ago, “it is unacceptable for nuclear-armed countries to prevent Ankara from acquiring its own nuclear weapons.”

Relations involving the transfer of nuclear technology between Ankara and Islamabad go back to the Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, “father” of Pakistan’s current nuclear weapons program, who was found to have sold many centrifuges to Iran, North Korea, Libya and possibly others between 1987 and 2002.

Basically, Pakistan is the strategic partner that helps Turkey maintain a balance between East and West. Turkey supports Pakistan’s self-determination for Kashmir, while Erdogan raised it as a top issue at the UN in September 2019.

But it is known that Turkish ballistic missiles without a nuclear warhead do not satisfy the neo-Ottoman plans of the Turkish president, who has focused on this plan like no other.

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Apart from the secret nuclear factor, Turkey and Pakistan have a defense relationship, which has been on the rise since Imran Khan came to power. Pakistan and Turkey will also expand in the Eastern Mediterranean and we will see this in the next period in the axis that Ankara is preparing against the countries of the region.

Let’s not forget that a few weeks ago, Bayraktar TB2 arrived in Pakistan! Pakistan has ordered 6 units in first phase. Indian security experts, meanwhile, say growing Turkey-Pakistan ties are a matter of concern.

Let’s not forget that Turkey and Pakistan are constantly conducting exercises in the Aegean & Eastern Mediterranean. Pakistan and Turkey are getting closer.

Turkey has a traditionally good relationship with Pakistan. Essentially, Turkey sees Pakistan as a strategic ally as well as a potential partner in the production of sophisticated weapons systems. At the same time Pakistan also has a good relationship with China. Especially, regarding Turkey’s defense cooperation with Pakistan, there have been recent talks between officials again.


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