PA decided to upgrade F-16 Block 50 to F-16V Block 70 version

According to a publication by the “Free Press” website, on Sunday, August 21, 2022, entitled “Good news for the Air Force – What was decided for the F-16” the Air Force made the decision to upgrade the F-16 Block 50 to F-16V Block 70 version!

Also, in its article, ET cites Lockheed Martin sources who state that the sale of F-35s to Turkey will be approved by 2025 at the latest.

Read the article:

“With the threat in the East growing daily (there is already a reversal in the balance of power due to the introduction of large numbers of fighter UAVs into the Turkish arsenal) and the prices on the international market of 4th and 5th generation fighter aircraft ranging between 130 and 150 million per aircraft. euros, plus the cost of creating infrastructure, the Air Force made a critical decision: Not to be limited to upgrading the 38 F-16 Block 50 fighters to Block 52+ with the collections that will come out of the 84 Adv fighters. and Block 52+, but convert them to F-16V Block 70 too!

The reality is that for the planning of the next decade 84 F-16V fighters and 24 Rafale F.3Rs, i.e. fighters theoretically operating in the 4th generation, are not enough in any case.

Two events played a critical role in the Air Force’s decision:

Turkey’s final request to upgrade 80 rather than 40 as originally announced F-16C/D to ‘V’ level. Plus the purchase of 40 new F-16 Vipers. And in 2032 they will certainly have the new Turkish fighter T-FX in their power. Plus a possible F-35 purchase (Lockheed Martin sources say that the sale to Turkey will be approved by 2025 at the latest).

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The evolution of the fighting in Ukraine

Despite the fact that neither the Russian nor the Ukrainian Air Force has made massive use of fighters, the reality is that on both sides about 300 fighters have been destroyed, with 250 of them belonging to Ukraine.

There was a day when almost two degrees were lost! Such losses on the front of the Aegean, Thrace and Cyprus will be greater. That is, there are scenarios for the loss of up to 60 aircraft in one day on both sides of the Aegean, with at least half being Greek.

Well, we want quantities.”

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