P.O.E.S. welcomes E.S.P.E. Ioannina to her family

Athens, February 21, 2024
February 21 is the day when the citizens of Ioannina commemorate the anniversary of the liberation of their historic city. It is a day of remembrance, one of many that this place has, where we remember the struggles that have been fought in the past, to be aware of the struggles that must be fought in the future, so that we can continue to have a voice, so that we can be free, with dignity and substantive Rights.
Today, on this day of remembrance, the soldiers of Ioannina honor their past with works. Not because they were ordered to do something, not because a court decided so. Today, on the day of the anniversary of the Ioannina, the soldiers who once decided that they should create a second Federation, judge that this Federation no longer has an essential reason for existence, because it deprives the free voice of the soldiers. And they decide it through open doors, with democratic procedures, without observers, external interventions and exclusions.
Today, on the day of the anniversary of the liberation of Ioannina, the military of Ioannina declare a thunderous PRESENCE, responding to the call of P.O.E.S. for unity and cooperation, in the face of the very difficult things to come and reclaim their voice, their right to a better tomorrow, celebrating their own liberation.
We welcome the Military Union of the Regional Unit of Ioannina to the big family of P.O.E.S.., where claims, freedom of expression, Democracy, the defense of our rights, are self-evident everyday life. The call of P.O.E.S. for unity and cooperation remains open to any voice that feels silenced. Silence does not befit the military.

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