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Mr. Minister.
With our recent document on the occasion of maintaining the downgrading of ASSY degrees, we commented that “This was probably happening because, until a few years ago, there was an anachronistic and incorrect perception of the creation of a NCO Corps, in the implementation of which the existence (and therefore the upgrade) of ASSYs has always stood in the way. However, we are sure that such plans have been permanently shelved.”
Within a week of the publication of our paper, there were very serious revelations of a fully thought out plan to bring back the NCO Corps, without any consultation. Particularly shocking facts emerge from the published revelations:
a. There is an attempt to speed up actions for the full elaboration and implementation of the program (complete change in the career framework, changes in institutional texts, WHO etc.)
b. The question arises whether the connection to the labor market after demobilization will concern only them EPOD and the OBAso it appears that there is a decision to dismiss the EPOPs (therefore no intention to settle the age limit problem that the State has caused).
c. Our revelations about lengthening years of stay in ranks, increasing years of service (“reviewing and determining the time of stay of NCOs in the ED”) and changing the salary, with legislation even “from a zero base”, as explicitly stated, are confirmed.
It appears that we live in an age plagued by “alleged” realities:

Increases are allegedly given, which are returned to the State in multiples through taxation.
There is supposed care, which works subtractively, to the detriment of the executives.
Rights are allegedly granted, which exclude more and more military personnel (also as civilians), due to further degradation, etc.

We will mention some illustrative examples based on our documents:
a. At a time when benefits and “raises” are touted for military personnel, they complain that their income is shrinking.
b. A “better new reality” was advertised for the “increase” in special working conditions allowance, which you admit has failed completely.
c. Advertised compliance with the law (for paying night work compensation) when it is done through cuts and sends the military to Courts for mass claims.
d. A new medical care framework was established, which has caused a lot of reactions due to the problems and exclusions it creates.
In this spirit, as we recently revealed, at a time when the so-called right to lifelong learning is advertised, NCOs remain captive to institutional anachronisms and we are not only referring to the problem with the ASSYs anymore, but to their general treatment. In all of this, the Damocles sword of the NCO Corps returns, which, as we argued in 2019, does not only concern NCOs from ASSY of course and which, unfortunately, is also proven by the journalistic revelations with documents whose origin we believe cannot be disputed.
Regarding the connection of the new salary scale with the change in the career law and the plans for the NCO Corps, we will remind you that we have revealed them long ago [(γ) σχετικό] and we confirm one more time.
Mr. Minister.
A downgrade cannot be called an upgrade, no matter how much it is verbally embellished. From what has been leaked it is clear that there is no will to upgrade, only a further internal redeployment of staff in a “fire to hire” philosophy to take money from one source to use in another. However, the initiators of the redistribution do not seem to have taken into account very serious factors, such as the increasing average age in EDs, the increasing redundancies that have spread across all ages, origins and years of service (including students in Schools and newly commissioned staff ) and, above all, the proven reluctance of young people to trust EDs with their future.
The solution to the growing “virus” of resignations and constantly deteriorating working conditions is not internal redeployments based on staff who already have an increased average age, but the improvement of conditions and the provision of incentives and the application of laws in the spirit of Justice , so that EDs become an attractive destination for young men and women again. We want to believe that it has been fully realized that such designs will only accelerate the existing problem, possibly removing the last incentives a new kid might have to come to ED as a NCO.
Following the above, our Federation requests an official meeting, in order to learn all the details of the changes in question, not only for the NCO, but also for the new salary scale and all related arrangements (including the “luck” reserved for EDOs), in order to evaluate them at all levels.
And we declare, in all directions, that any kind of unfavorable change will find us clearly opposite, as it has found us many times since the creation of our Federation until today (such as in 2019 for the NCO Corps), so that the skeletons remain once again in closet. Just for the record, we will mention that with the “fiscal constraints” that the State constantly invokes and its proven tactics for internal “redistribution” of resources, we consider it particularly difficult for the changes to include even one change with a positive sign for the staff.
We remain at your disposal for any clarification or information.
Messrs. Members of the Hellenic Parliament, to whom this is communicated, are requested to highlight the matter, through parliamentary control.

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