P.O.E.S. – Meeting with the Chief of GES Lieutenant General G. Kostidis

Athens, February 13, 2024
Our Federation is particularly pleased to announce that on Monday, February 12, 2024, a meeting was held between the Chief of GES, Lieutenant General G. Kostidis and a delegation of the Board of our Federation consisting of the President, Rear Admiral (E) Dimitrios Methenitis, the Vice President, Adjutant General (PZ) Christos Marineli and the General Secretary, Colonel (MX) Dionysios Tsakalaki.
The meeting was held in an excellent atmosphere, during which an information sheet with the observations and brief comments of P.O.E.S. was delivered to Mr. Chief. on a number of issues that concern the staff of the FSA, which were presented in detail.
Indicatively, the constantly deteriorating working conditions in the SZ, the resignations and the reasons for which they are led to these executives, the non-resolution of the major issue of the age limits of the EPODlayoffs for health reasons, occupational health and safety issues, many financial issues, border issues, as well as various topics that have come up in the news and have caused an uproar among executives.
Mr. Chief showed particular interest in the climate prevailing among the staff and expressed the certainty that with a coordinated effort, many of the problems can be resolved. In this optimistic spirit, it was agreed that there should be communication and cooperation between the GES and our Federation in order to build a strong foundation for an even stronger ED.

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