P.O.E.S. – Meeting with the Chief of General Staff Vice Admiral Dimitrios Eleftherios Katara

Athens, March 1, 2024
Our Federation is particularly pleased to announce that on Thursday, February 29, 2024, a meeting was held between the Chief of General Staff, Vice-Admiral Dimitrios Eleftherios Katara PN, the Deputy Chief of General Staff Vice-Admiral Georgios Floros PN and its delegation consisting of the Chairman of the Board, Rear Admiral (E) Dimitrios Methenitis PN, Deputy Secretary General Rear Admiral (E) Alexandros Sgouro PN and the Deputy Treasurer EPOD Epilochia (DB) Sotirio Toulaki.
The meeting was held in an excellent atmosphere, during which a full briefing was delivered with the observations and brief comments of P.O.E.S. on a number of issues that concern the PN staff, which were presented in detail.
The main concerns revolved around the major problem of resignations in PN and the reasons that lead staff to them, as well as around working conditions. The dialogue that followed was particularly constructive and we were given the opportunity to establish with particular satisfaction that the “human” factor is at the center of the Administration and the priorities of the PN Leadership and Mr. Chief in particular.
At the same time, additional serious problems concerning the staff were discussed, such as financial (e.g. the Fleet allowance), staff care, health and safety issues, career issues (such as staff dismissals for health reasons), while we commented on the pending consolidation issues of military hospitals and Equity Funds. Emphasis was placed on the major problem of premature retirements of the EPOPs, where we found the practical support of the PN Leadership in the direction of a favorable regulation.
As a Federation we were particularly satisfied by the fact that the Leadership of the PN showed to be aware of our activities throughout the previous period, while we found a remarkable alignment of opinions in the type and scope of the solutions required for the general improvement of working conditions.
For our part, we stated that our support to the Leadership will remain at all levels, because we have seen in practice the interest in a better Tomorrow for the PN and its staff. In this optimistic spirit, it was agreed that there should be communication and cooperation between the GEN and our Federation.

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