P.O.E.S. – Medical Care in the ED

SUBJECT: Medical Care in the ED
REL.: a. Our document No. 1028/2023
b. PD 62/2023 (Government Gazette 1, “Health care of the military personnel of the Armed Forces and the Coast Guard – Hellenic Coast Guard, as well as their family members”)
Mr. Minister.
Recently, there has been an uproar regarding events related to Health, with various particularly serious reasons (such as deaths), which confirm the image of dissolution that is, rather, within the gates of the National Health Service, against which our Federation is constantly in the ramparts.
A few days ago we commented with anger on the Ministry of Health’s Executive Order which reinforces the dissolution of military hospitals, by draining medical staff to cover the needs, i.e. the gaps, of the National Health Service throughout the territory, without making the necessary recruitments.
It was only on Saturday that we were informed by almost all the media about the satisfaction of a similar request of the EKAB, to cover the needs of the National Health Service with ED ambulances, which will apparently be moved from the ED health units to other areas. Apparently, the reason for the request was the recent incidents of deaths, due to the perpetuation of the inherent pathologies of the Health system (insufficient recruitment, etc.).
The most serious incident of all, however, which confirms the systematic attempt to dismantle public health (therefore its privatization), was the statement by a politician, according to which a selection of patients was announced, in the context of which those patients suffering from a serious illness cannot , now, to be treated, they (the patients) will be considered a burden on the finances of our country and therefore indirectly will be left to their fate. What cynicism!
However, is such a possibility not unknown to us in ED? In PD 432/1983 (Government Gazette A’ 162) which was recently replaced by (b) related, regarding the medical care of military personnel and their family members, a provision related to the care of patients abroad is maintained. In particular, the inhumane term “to have reasonable hopes of treatment” remains. [άρθρο 14, παρα.1δ του (β) σχετικού, εκ μεταφοράς της περιπτώσεως 1ε του άρθρου 15 του καταργηθέντος ΠΔ].
Very serious questions must be answered competently:

How can the hopes be considered valid?
Based on what statistics?
Is it taken into account that abroad, by common consent, more modern methods are followed that multiply “reasonable hopes”, so it is not simply a question of infrastructure, doctors, know-how?

Mr. Minister.
We know that your powers, as an official HSE, are limited because you are not guaranteed the relevant capabilities. But we know what you want and what you can offer. We also found this out during our recent official meeting.
For this reason, we bring to your attention our particularly serious and reasonable concerns regarding the future of Health, not only in the EDs but also in our Country in general. We have already planned to comment on (b) the relevant PD in the near future with a lot of details so that the Leadership is informed about all the problems that concern the ED staff and which are still not resolved. In the first phase, it is important to sound the alarm once again, seeing what is coming.
The NHS needs recruitment, funding, support. Military hospitals also need reinforcement and support, which must finally stop being used as a reservoir of support in any direction and for any disease, which also applies to EDs in general. Military personnel are not the jack of all trades.
We are sure that the two decisions, on military doctors and ambulances, were made without any study as to the negative consequences they will bring to the already burdened working conditions and medical care.
Following the above and without prejudice to what we will comment on in the next period of time for the new PD on the medical treatment of military personnel and their family members, we request the immediate cancellation of the above decisions.

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