P.O.E.S. – Finances (Salary of ED Production Schools Students)

SUBJECT: Finances (Salary of ED Production Schools Students)
REL.: a. Law 4472/2017 (Government Gazette A’ 74, “Public pension provisions and amendment of provisions of Law 4387/2016, measures to implement fiscal goals and reforms, social support measures and labor regulations, Medium-term Framework”)
b. Our document No. 744/2020
c. Our document No. 995/2021
d. F. 900a/3199/17937/16.9.2021/YETHA
e. Our document No. 1265/2021
f. F. 900a/1003/18917/4.8.2023/YETHA
g. Our document No. 1444/2023
Mr. Minister.
Our Federation has repeatedly highlighted the unfair treatment of the students of the productive schools of the ED (ASEI-ASSY) in terms of their salary compared to the students of the corresponding schools of the Security Forces.
Recently Mr. YFETHA in his position on the matter and in order to justify the maintenance of injustice, he answered verbatim that “Since the implementation of the aforementioned provisions, the salary of ASEI and ASSY students has been significantly lower than the corresponding salary of SA School students . The will of the legislator for the non-uniform regulation is included, among other things, and the noticeable difference in the nature and the object of the military production schools, in contrast, with the corresponding ones of the SA.” However, it is impossible not to notice that your predecessor in his earlier posting had made it clear that in collaboration with the General Staff he had advanced a draft amendment to remedy the aforementioned problem.
First of all, the following clearly emerges from the position of Mr. YFETHA:

Mr. YFETHA publicly downgraded the role of the executives of the ED already from their classification in the ED through nationwide examinations.
The downgrading of ASEI-ASSY students was clearly done on purpose, because the reasons for its existence were documented through the will of the legislator, after he identified the “specific difference in the nature and object of the military production schools, in contrast, with the counterparts of the SA ».

Unfortunately, it is impossible for us not to combine the above position with the recent speech of Mr. Prime Minister at the TIF, which we strongly protested. We remind you that Mr. Prime Minister, using the pretext of the alleged 3% of the Defense budget on the GDP, justified the employment of the military in every inadequacy and weakness of the state apparatus, apparently in order to prevent further recruitment and, possibly to present a virtual “regularization” of the fiscal.
However, a serious problem arises with your predecessor’s position: what happened to the amendment that was planned in collaboration with the General Staff? Obviously it didn’t go through. Why didn’t it pass? Who rejected it and on what grounds? Does the one who rejected it embrace the above unacceptable and offensive interpretation publicly presented by YFETHA? Is the reinstatement of the Non-Commissioned Officer Corps being attempted through the general discrediting?
From the above, we consider it clear that the Leadership of the ED either does not have a clear picture of the situation in which the executives have found themselves (and which is relieved through the resignations, already from the Schools), or knows for some reason that we are unable to guess, or to understand, he knows and approves of her and for this reason he chooses to help her by publicly defaming her and insulting her. Perhaps it is the first time where a political superior takes care to clip the feathers of his subordinates in such an emphatic way.
If Mr. YFETHA had in mind that the students of the SA Schools offer something more (during their studies) compared to the students of ASEI-ASSY, we hope that he will enlighten us about this so that we can be informed of this “expert difference of nature and object” and the rest. In any case, however, because we do not agree for any reason with his arbitrary, undocumented and offensive position, we reinstate our request and demand the equalization of the salaries of the students of the productive Schools of ED with those of the students of the Schools of SA.
We remain at your disposal for any clarification or information.
Messrs. Members of the Hellenic Parliament, to whom this is communicated, are requested to highlight the matter, through parliamentary control.

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