P.O.E.S. – Expression of sorrow for the loss of our colleague

Athens, December 27, 2023
Unfortunately 2023, a year of back-to-back negative news on many levels for ED personnel, seems destined to end in the worst possible way: with yet another loss of military life in an accident, namely a plane crash.
At a time when our Federation is trying, literally tooth and nail, to put definitively on the agenda of every discussion, political or otherwise, the unfavorable working conditions of the military and all the factors associated with them, our concerns and warnings are confirmed again, with in the worst possible way.
At this moment we consider that no other conversation has any meaning except our sincere condolences to the relatives of our colleague. For our part, we declare in all directions that we will declare an unyielding struggle to change this unacceptable situation.
A safe working environment is a fundamental human right. We will ensure that this is understood by every interested party. Enough with the words and assurances. Enough with the mourning of military families, even in peacetime.

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