P.O.E.S. + E.S.PE.E.XI. – Career Issues

SUBJECT: Career Issues
RELATED : No. prot. 26/2024 document E.S.PE.E.XI
Mr. Minister.
We are sending you, as attachments, the relevant document of the Military Union of the Chios Regional Unit (E.S.PE.E.X.I.), which highlights a serious, chronic distortion in the evaluation of the executives of the music corps. According to the documented complaints conveyed by the Union, the problem is found in the absence or non-prevision of the establishment of a separate School with a related subject to the specialty of the evaluated executives of the Music body.
With what is in effect to date, the affected executives participate in a school with educational material concerning objects intended for the evaluation of ΄Weapons executives and indeed in a minimal period of time (3 weeks). It becomes apparent that, due to the irrelevance of the subject matter, the potential effects on the careers of executives can be very significant, literally beyond reason.
Following the above, we ask you to consider the proposals of E.S.PE.E.XI. in order to:
a. To create a separate evaluation School for the Executives of the Music Corps, on the subjects in which they train and apply daily.
b. To re-evaluate the colleagues who were deemed pre-eminent by seniority and not by election, as a result of the aforementioned.
We remain at your disposal for any clarification or information.
Messrs. Members of the Hellenic Parliament, to whom this is communicated, are requested to highlight the matter, through parliamentary control.

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