P.O.E.S. + E.S.PE.E.D.T.A. – Administrative Personnel (Attachments – Dispositions)

SUBJECT: Administrative Personnel (Secondments – Dispositions)
RELATED : a. Our document No. 910/2020
b. No. 104/2023 document E.S.PE.E.D.T.A.
Mr. Minister.
It is not even an open secret that the Service always tries to cover up its problems from within in sketchy ways. Usually the “means” to achieve this is the staff, who are constantly moving from place to place depending on the needs of each case.
The Union of Military Regional Unit of the Western Sector of Athens (E.S.PE.E.D.T.A.) with its (b) related document, which we are sending you as an attachment, brings to the fore complaints of executives concerning cases that are not appear for the first time [ιδέτε (α) σχετικό]. We are referring to the staffing of the resorts of Axko – Hypaxko, KAAV, EKEMS, usually during the months of May to September, with the established tactics of postings and dispositions.
Although this problem is known every year, unfortunately we find that the Service does nothing towards the solution of the problem, which is nothing more than regular transfers, but is spent on the usual temporary solutions of personnel movement, ignoring the multitude of problems that these they create
Some indicative problems are the following:

Burden on the financial budget, since executives are usually required to travel multiple distances at their own expense.
Disruption of family planning, since the family situation of the executives and the needs that may arise from it (eg childcare) are never taken into account.
Unpaid overtime work.
Unfavorable working conditions with flexibility of labor rights.
Accumulation of problems in the normal Service due to their absence.

Mr. Minister.
The situation has reached an impasse. The staff comes from a series of indirect cuts that have been arrogantly dubbed benefits and this in the midst of an explosion in the daily cost of living. Executives cannot financially shoulder the lack of staff in the Services, nor pass the problem on to their families.
Since the staffing of resorts and similar Services is deemed necessary every year, then they should be staffed on a permanent basis by the necessary staff and not resort to the easy solution of secondments / dispositions.
Following the above, we kindly ask you to issue a Memorandum of Understanding explicitly stating that the Services in question must be staffed on a permanent basis and subsequently included in the regular transfer cycles.

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