P.O.E.S. + E.S.PE.E.D. – Care of Military Personnel (Nursery Center Operation in Drama Prefecture)

SUBJECT: Care of Military Personnel (Operation of a Nursery School in the Prefecture of Drama)
RELATED : a. PAD 4-52/2020/GES/DIG
b. No. 21/2023 document E.S.PE.E.D.
Mr. Chief.
According to what the Drama Regional Military Union (E.S.PE.ED.) reports with (b) related, which we are sending you as an attachment, the Drama Guard is excluded from the planning of the nursery schools (BNS).
However, adopting the proposal for consideration by the Union, we consider that there is both the possibility and the necessity of creating a BNS, in order to serve the executives of the EDs who serve in the region.
Following the above, we ask for the examination and satisfaction of the above request.
We are at your disposal for any clarification or information.

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