P.O.E.S. + E.S.P.E.A.R. – Reimbursement of Medical and Pharmaceutical Expenses of Executives

SUBJECT: Reimbursement of Medical and Pharmaceutical Expenses of Executives
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Mr. Minister.
Despite the fact that, at regular intervals, both our Federation and our primary unions, we come back to the major problem of delays in the payment of medical expenses to the military beneficiaries (basically staff of the Armed Forces), unfortunately for yet another time we get only indifference, with the result that executives shoulder more and more financial burdens.
After the recent highlighting of the issue by E.S.P.E. Kastoria, new protests were received from E.S.P.E. Arcadias with a document that we are sending you as attachments, and which conveys serious and documented complaints of its members, precisely for the same reason. However, we fear that the problem may be deeper: recently we have highlighted similar complaints about delays in many kinds of (different) compensations. At the same time, we are informed that the delays for reimbursement of medical expenses have begun to exceed even six months. During this time, the strains normally continue their treatments, in several cases chronic, where all unpaid previous ones are accumulated in the “next”.
Despite your predecessor’s assurances from time to time about solving the problem, we note with concern that it is not only getting worse, it is being exacerbated by the increasing precision that reaps the military’s income.
Following the above, we ask for your immediate intervention so that, on the one hand, the fastest possible reimbursement of expenses, on the other hand, to speed up the procedures on a constant basis. In this spirit, we bring back our proposals for solving the problem:
a. To check and clear as a matter of priority the expenses related to chronic and expensive treatments in order to reduce the time for paying the refunded amounts to the beneficiaries.
b. To envisage and implement, if possible, a separate “channel” by priority for the handling (shipment, control and settlement) of said expenses in the form of urgent mail in order to reduce the times of transmission of the supporting documents to the competent services.
c. To staff with more staff (who, by common confession, as our colleagues who came into contact with them have conveyed to us, makes superhuman efforts to serve and process the volume of work) the competent department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in which the supporting documents are checked.
d. To determine if it is possible, especially for the cases of chronic cases of medical coverage, to establish one day every 15 days or even per month, where colleagues will have the opportunity to visit the competent department of DYB/DYG so that the spot check of supporting documents.
We remain at your disposal for any clarification or information.
Messrs. Members of the Hellenic Parliament, to whom this is being communicated, are requested to highlight and strengthen the issue, through parliamentary control.

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