Out of control Turkish journalist: Let’s do a military operation in Chios

Media in Turkey are considering war scenarios. After the provocative crescendo of Omer Celik, who continued the well-known threats “demilitarize the islands or we will come suddenly one night”, it was the journalists’ turn.
Turkish journalists reported that “we can do a military operation in Chios and other militarized islands” and that the slogan “we will come suddenly overnight” means that Turkey can intervene in the islands.
Journalist Ozai Sentir said, according to what was reported by SKAI: “If the channels of dialogue are closed, then your intervention there will be considered as a right of legal self-defense. So Greece has ‘weapons’ in its hand for the motorized brigade located in Chios as well as for the other militarized islands”.
CNN Turk anchor Gjonsu Ongoren Özgyur said: “So we’re going to intervene in Chios? This is usually what our guests who have a career in the military tell us.”
Sentir replied: “When you do bra de fer that’s how it is. After all, the slogan ‘we will come suddenly one night’ means that “I will come one night to your islands which violate the conditions and I will make them go along with the conditions”.
Watch the video:

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