OP.OP Secretariat POMENS: Update Pensioners

The information desk EPOD/POMENS, he receives many questions about the pension regime every day regarding the legal framework for voluntary retirement of the EPOP with the rank of Alchia. Additional questions are raised about the combat five-year buyout and tenure buyout. The issuance of the circular by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, on the subject of “Optional continuation of the insurance of regular and temporary employees and functionaries of the Public Sector, as well as the members of the Armed Forces and Security Forces” has caused great concern among many Professional Hoplites. (Self-insurance).
The purpose of this announcement is to clarify exactly what applies to the above questions, so that all colleagues from EPOP can be officially and responsibly informed.
1. Article 39 of Law 445/1974, on voluntary retirement with the age limit of 50 years is in force and in less than 1 year the first colleagues of the P.N. to pass a Crisis Council.
2. In the event that voluntary retirement is applied with the age limit of 50 years and at the rank of Alchia, the executive is entitled to a one-time pension, pursuant to article 92 of PD 169/2007 and more specifically to articles 1, 26 and 92., as well as in article 34 of Law 4387/2016. The pension he is entitled to in this case will be proportional to the pensionable years that the person concerned has, (term as EPOP, marks from insurance in the private sector, term of service, purchase of study time and 5 years in combat), at that given time and always in in relation to the 40 years of insurance. That is, in the example where a colleague has 25 actual years + buyout of 5 years of combat service + 18 months of service in total, he will have 31.5 pensionable years and the ratio of the pension will be in the corresponding percentage of the Replenishment Table according to law 4670/2020, i.e. 29.34% of the gross earnings from 2002 to retirement day plus national pension, dividends and family allowance.
3. The lump sum is received under the following conditions:
(a) by awarding the pension deed.
(b) in the case of the same application for demobilization (the contributions paid are returned).
4. All the announcements of our institution until 2009 mention in Appendix “D” and in their summary the following: “After completing the seven-year service, those of the Professional Hoplites who wish, can be made permanent with the rank they carry if they are judged suitable, until the completion of 35 years of pensionable service, progressing to the rank of Sergeant Major” while in article 17 it is stated that “The pension status of Professional Seamen is governed by the current pension provisions for the same ranks of Permanent NCOs of non-Productive Schools”. The announcements of the 2021 and 2022 series have corresponding articles, where in article 19 it is stated that: “The EP.OP. from their classification in the Armed Forces, they are subject to the insurance-pension scheme of the EFKA for their main pension” and “The pension scheme of OP.OP. is governed by the current pension provisions for the same rank of Permanent Non-Producer Officers of non-Productive Schools”.
5. The laws concerning the pension status of the Military are 3865/2010, 4387/2016 and 4670/2020. All these laws state the following: “For the officers of the Armed Forces, the Security Forces and the Fire Brigade who are not subject to the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 and establish the right to a pension from 1.1.2015 onwards, they are entitled to a pension, as long as they have completed their sixtieth (60th) year of age or forty (40) years of pensionable service”.
6. The redemption of the 5-year combat service can be done at any time up to the last day of voluntary retirement, or by applying for the same resignation. The redemption rate ranges at 6.67% of the executive’s gross earnings in the period of years it recognizes. The difference of the first combat 5 years of the first years with respect to the vesting of the last 5 years, is comparatively lower but this affects the pension down and up. It is noted that the buyout can be done as we mentioned at any time up to the day of the deletion, but in order to be counted the executive must have actual service of 25 years (excluding the cases of voluntary retirement and retirement for health reasons).
7. We inform you that the redemption of military service from 01/01/2020 amounts to 20% of the basic gross salary in the period in which the redemption takes place.
Below is an analysis of the cases of voluntary retirement at the age of 50, as well as the possibility of harmonization with the EFKA legislation.
– For the case of voluntary retirement aged 50 and in combination with our insurance before the army:
Demobilization takes place at the age of 50 and we receive the pension that corresponds to us in combination with the years of service and the marks in the private sector from which the replacement rate is derived with which the exact amount of the pension is calculated.
– In the case of the abolition of the age limit of 50 years and harmonization with the current EFKA legislation (40 pensionable years of service or 60 years old):
Retirement takes place as soon as we complete 40 pensionable years of service (5-year recognition, recognition of military service and insurance years before enlistment in the Armed Forces) or as soon as we reach the age limit of 60 years. The 40 pensionable years of service include the recognition of 5 years, the recognition of military service and the insurance years of work before our classification in the Armed Forces, with the result that all of the above and especially the insurance years of work before our classification in the Armed Forces reduce our time of stay in the Armed Forces, as a result of which we complete and receive the full pension at 40 years. For this to apply, colleagues must have over 25 years of actual service. We explain that this is implemented in the case of the abolition of the age limit of 50 years, in which case everyone will have completed 25 years of actual service.
We point out that when the executive has more than 25 years of actual service, he retires under the conditions of the organization (Ministry of National Defense), even in the case of resignation. Since we do not have 25 years in the organization at the time of exit, we go to the provisions of the private sector, that is, 67 years of age and whatever else it entails from the home insurance provisions.
8. With the circular of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (self-insurance), it is possible for military personnel who have been demobilized for any reason, to optionally continue the insurance by purchasing notional time to establish the 40 pensionable years or to continue by paying a percentage on the last gross earnings the medical treatment. For notional time redemption, the rate is 20% of gross earnings on the date of exit and the redemption rate for medical care is 7.1%.
The EPOP Secretariat of POMENS asks everyone for self-restraint and unity for the upgrading of our institution and for better working conditions in the Armed Forces.
Finally, we would like to inform you that POMENS is working closely with its legal counsel and all legal options are being considered, so that none of our colleagues are voluntarily demobilized, which would mean financial ruin for thousands of families.
Secretary of Subjects OP.OP: Ephias (PZ) Antonopoulos Nikolaos
Senior Secretary for EPOP Matters: Ephias (TH) Margaritopoulos Kon/nos
Heads of Subjects OP.OP: Ephias (MX) Vaios Goras
Ephias (PZ) Christos Hatzidis
Lchias (PB) Ioannis Kontoulis
Esmias (OTETI) Victor Tsoukas
Ephias (PZ) Grivas Kon/nos
Lchia (PZ) Apostolia Kakarikos
Lchias (EM) Dimitris Kontoiorgos
Esmias (OPYR) Apostolidis Fokion

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