On a collision course: Ankara’s unprecedented attack & lies against S. Delhi – Indian military’s warning to Ankara

Indians were the biggest victims of Islamic genocides with tens of millions dead, something they never forgot. A silent genocide which is not known and is not included in world history, but it is the main cause of rivalry between Indians and Pakistanis.

Since Turkey chose to create the army of Islam, recognized that together with Pakistan and Azerbaijan it is a nation in three states, then war confrontation with India is a one-way street. Unfortunately for them, the patriotic government that has been elected in India after many years and dominates the political scene, may also be the cause of Turkey’s downfall. It is no coincidence that New Delhi uses diplomatic language, which reminds that the territorial integrity of Turkey hangs by a thread!

The rapid deterioration of the relationship between the two countries was caused by the intervention of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in India’s internal affairs. Erdogan’s “blame” against India centers on the treatment of the Muslim population and New Delhi’s control over the Kashmir region.

There is suspicion in India that Turkey is adopting such a stance, while being voiced by Pakistan. Erdogan’s efforts to develop deep military ties with Pakistan at the expense of India did not help matters much. Thanks to all these factors, India takes a tough stand against Turkey.

Turkey Attack on India – What Erdoğan Media Falsely Says:

“Persecution of Muslims by the People’s Party in India too! There is a population of 204 million, but…

In India, political analysts and experts have expressed concern over the declining role of Muslims in mainstream Indian politics. Despite a Muslim population of 204 million according to official figures and close to 350 million according to unofficial figures, making up 14 percent of the country, there is not a single Muslim among the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) 303 MPs in the lower house. house of the country’s bicameral parliament (Lok Sabha).

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Following the resignation of former Minority Affairs Director Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi in ​​July, the lack of Muslim representatives among the 77-member Union Cabinet headed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised concerns.

Political commentator Niranjan Sahoo told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the BJP gave only 6 Muslim candidates a chance in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, but none of them won.

They don’t allow a single Muslim

Stating that the BJP is not fielding a single Muslim candidate in Uttar Pradesh, the largest state with 80 Lok Sabha seats, Sahoo said the party was doing this to polarize and create a Hindu union.

Noting that it is a serious issue that Muslims, who constitute 14 per cent of the population, are still not in any cabinet, Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha, Sahu said that “the invisibility of the largest minority in democratic politics of India” and said “urgent attention is needed”.

Sahoo said the complete exclusion of Muslims from the electoral process and national and regional parties increasingly imitating the BJP model are the biggest threats to India’s diversity and secular character.

The absence of Muslims makes it even harder not to be heard

Sahoo said the absence of Muslims in important political forums and the cabinet would make it difficult for them to express and act to protect and promote their rights and interests.

There is also discrimination against Muslims in the judiciary, administrative duties, government policies, the economic sector and education.

In South India, Muslim leader Syed Azharuddin said discrimination against Muslims is not only in elections. He said it is also in the judiciary, administrative duties and government policies, especially in the areas of education and finance.

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Jamaal Anwar Siddiqui, the national head of the minority group of the ruling party, said that his government is working for development, that all schemes of the state reach the people and that there is no religious discrimination.

Siddiqui argued that things like the mere lack of Muslim representation in the government were “extraneous issues.”

This is obviously Ankara’s lies against N. Delhi!
The warning

As Directus.gr reported yesterday, the veteran fighter pilot of the Indian Air Force, Vijainder K. Thakur, told the EurAsian Times that the joint exercises with Greece could give India “a greater insight into the combat capabilities of the F-16 and the best practices adopted by the Hellenic Air Force to deal with the threat from Turkey.”

Thakur further noted that the IAF can also gain insight into “NATO best practices for F-16 operations”.

Greece will also gain a lot from India. For example, India uses the Russian-made S-400 air defense system, which is also used by Turkey. Military exercises with India could allow the Hellenic Air Force to test its aircraft against the training squadron of the S-400 system.

In addition, Greece may also buy the Indian BrahMos cruise missile that could be integrated with the Rafale aircraft.

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