October 28th: ​​What we will see in the parade

Everything that will happen in the Thessaloniki parade – For the first time in the sky of Thessaloniki the Rafales – The newly acquired Marder 1A3 tanks will also be paraded.

Vassilis Skoularakos

The celebration of October 28 will take place again this year with due splendor and magnificence. Greece celebrates the fortitude, bravery and strength of soul that Hellenism displayed 82 years ago.

Greeks everywhere unite under the Greek flag and pay tribute and gratitude to those who fought, to those who resisted fascism and Nazism.

The State also wants to celebrate the high symbolism of October 28, through the multitude of events that will take place throughout the Territory. At the center of course will be Thessaloniki, where the political and military leadership have planned an impressive spectacle that citizens will be able to watch either in person or on television.

Today, Monday, October 24, from around 09:00 in the morning, the test parade is expected to take place, in the context of the preparation for the big military parade on October 28. As military sources point out, what we will see on October 28th will be extremely impressive, since the goal of GEETHA is to promote Greece as a modern country that is proud of its history, its heroes and its Armed Forces which clearly constitute guarantor of the security of the Greeks.

Infantry, motorized and air units representing the entire Armed Forces, as well as the Greek Police and the Fire Brigade, will participate in the parade. Along with the impressive tanks of the Army, the final designs include the appearance of the newly acquired Marder 1A3 combat vehicles, the first of the series to be received by Greece, while for the first time our Rafale fighter jets will fly in the skies of Thessaloniki Aviation that our country received last January.

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Above Thessaloniki during the parade, however, all types of fighters of the Greek Air Force will be found. Therefore, in addition to the French “bursts”, F-16, Mirage 2000-5 and F-4 Phantom fighters will fly over the co-capital. Of course, the appearance of the F-16 of the “ZEUS” air show team is expected with particular interest, with the Greek Ensign Christodoulos Giakoumis being the one who will convey the message to all Greeks from the cockpit of the F-16.

According to what has been planned so far, the legendary Spitfire MJ 755 aircraft, the historical fighter that from a static exhibit at the Air Force Museum, will once again fly in the Greek skies will pass through the beach of Thessaloniki. As for the Air Force, the Apache, Chinook, NH-90 and Kiowa Warrior helicopters are expected to cause… tremors in the buildings of the co-capital.

The “present” will of course also be given by our Navy, with ships of the Fleet sailing in Thermaikos at least from the 25th of the month, honoring with their presence the feast of the Patron Saint of Thessaloniki, Agios Dimitrios.

As for the first six Armored Marder 1A3s, painted in Greek colors, they are going to be paraded in Thessaloniki, since they have been in our country for about a week and the work at the 308 Base Factory in Evosmos, Thessaloniki, is feverish so that they can be presented to the citizens and then to join the Greek Army operationally.

The Army expects in the coming days another 34 Marders as part of the exchange with a corresponding number of BMPs destined for the Ukrainian front. Therefore, after their first appearance at the Thessaloniki parade, the six Marder 1A3s will pass the final checks at 308 PEB and will then be promoted to the area of ​​responsibility of the 4th Army Corps, upgrading the capabilities of the “black helmets” in Thrace. The same “route” will be followed by the remaining 34 Marder.

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