October 28: The pilot who will fly an F-16 over Thessaloniki

The 38-year-old Ensign (I) Christodoulos Giakoumis, originally from Perama, will pilot the F16 aircraft of the “ZEUS” team, which will “tear” the sky of Thessaloniki, in the parade on October 28.

Ensign (I) Christodoulos Giakoumis entered the Ikaron School in 2002. In 2007, he was assigned to the 116PM/336 Squadron in A-7E Corsair II aircraft, while in 2009 he was assigned to the 115PM/SMET in F-16 Block52+ aircraft. Since 2010 he has been serving in the 340 Squadron. He has more than 1700 flight hours, of which 1300 are in F-16 aircraft.

He is the same one who flew last year with the F-16 of the Air Demonstration Group over Thessaloniki on October 28, sending a shocking message with lyrics by Kostis Palamas and causing shivers of emotion.

Last year’s message from Episminagos Christodoulos Giakoumis:

“81 years have passed since a Greek soul looked the enemy in the eye, and resisted, fought and finally won, verifying the words of Kostis Palamas. The Greatness of peoples is not measured by the acre. With the heart, the fever is also measured with the blood. Happy birthday Thessaloniki, happy birthday Greece, happy birthday Macedonia”.

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