Occupancy at the site of the National Technical University was evacuated

Greek police headquarters

Athens, October 21, 2023


Occupancy at the site of the National Technical University was evacuated

The Hellenic Police continues the implementation of special operational actions with the aim of evacuating occupied public spaces and returning them to those responsible, with the aim of dealing with hotbeds of delinquency and strengthening the sense of security in society.

In this context, in the morning hours today, Saturday 21 October 2023, an occupation evacuation operation was carried out in the premises of the National Technical University of Athens, with the participation of police officers from the Attica Security Directorate, the Athens Police Directorate, the Sub-Directorate for Restoring Order, the Sub-Directorate for Order Measures, the Team Protection of University Institutions (OPPI) as well as groups of DIAS, DRASI and OPKE.

The area was handed over to the Rector’s Authorities, while, in parallel with the operation, the police assisted the competent services that carried out restoration work.

A preliminary investigation is carried out by the Attica Security Directorate.

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