Northrop Grumman launches FAAD C2 in the Baltic

Northrop Grumman’s Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control (FAAD C2) The system has been successfully deployed in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, creating air and missile defense interoperability between the Baltic states, NATO forces and the US.

The FAAD C2 system provides command and control for collective short-range air defense (SHORAD) systems to conduct anti-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) and SHORAD missions. The system works by receiving air track data from multiple sources to create a single integrated air picture, providing both the local air picture and the status of SHORAD weapons.

Northrop Grumman was previously awarded a contract to modernize Baltic air defense and C-UAS capabilities in line with the US European Command’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense Plan. The December 2021 deal, valued at approximately $14 million, marked the upgrade of air defense and C-UAS capabilities in EUCOM’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense plan.

The company has conducted FAAD C2 training with the armies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the Baltic region to help them integrate into NATO air defences.

“FAAD C2 will enable Baltic region forces to make faster, better-informed decisions to defeat short-range and hostile unmanned aerial threats,” said Rebecca Torzone, vice president and general manager, combat systems and mission readiness , Northrop Grumman. out June 5th.

Northrop Grumman states that the FAAD C2 capability can be deployed in multiple theaters of operation simultaneously to provide C2 for short-range air defense, C-UAS and anti-missile, artillery and mortar missions.

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