NO to proposals that do not solve the Rating-Insurance of OP.OP. Proposal Exists

Colleagues – Colleagues,
The Panhellenic Federation of Military Unions – P.OM.EN.S., is a representative of all active military personnel of the Armed Forces, stands next to all colleagues of independent origin without exclusion.
The Professional Hoplites are an institution that first appeared in the Armed Forces in the year 2001, out of a need to reorganize the Armed Forces, as the basis of the new defense strategy of the 21st century, with the aim of: a) ED in the 21st century with greater mobility, greater efficiency and less quantitative volume, b) integrated operational readiness and c) adaptation to the new data that impose missions beyond borders by high-level forces. The Professional Hoplites (OP.OP), work hard every day in order to maintain the operational readiness of the Armed Forces at a high level. These are Officers who are capable fighters and excellent connoisseurs of their specialty, the weapon systems, means and materials they handle and require expertise and perform their duties effectively within the operational mission of the Unit they serve.
On the occasion of publications on the internet about an amendment by PASOK-Movement for Change, which concerns the main issue of the pension status of Professional Airmen, which does not include the thorough and fully documented proposal of POMENS Op.
Today, fellow NCOs from the OP.OP institution are serving in the ranks of the Armed Forces, who enlisted when they were already 28 years old and in a relatively short period of time will complete their 50th year of age, having 22 years of actual service, with immediate consequence of their voluntary demobilization. With 22 pensionable years, how much will their pension be? The lack of action on the part of the political and military leadership, to solve the early retirement of the colleagues in question, until today has not fulfilled the promises and commitments, having led to despair for themselves and their families, finding that the time frames are narrowing .
In particular, the above-mentioned PASOK-Movement for Change amendment, which refers to the resolution of the pension status of Professional Airmen from publications on the internet that saw the light of day, will not bring about the complete resolution of the main issue, creating several important blank points such as below, according to the Secretariat of OP.OP Issues of the Federation:
a. From the whole of the specific amendment, the right to choose to stay is the only parameter contained in the POMENS proposal and it is in the right direction, i.e. stay after 50 years or voluntary retirement at 50 years. The amendment in question does not include what will be done legislatively with our colleagues who choose voluntary retirement. Unfortunately, it leaves them without legislative regulation, while it could state that those who do not wish to stay must be demobilized under the terms of voluntary demobilization pursuant to the N.D. 169/2007, therefore automatic retirement.
b. The period of 6 months indicated for the application of those who wish to stay is essentially without substance because the notification of demobilization is made 6 months before reaching the age limit. As it is concluded, the application proposed by the amendment to stay within 6 months does not exist if the act of demobilization is not first notified. In addition to the above, it is stated that the application for residence can only be rejected for medical reasons without specifying the legal status to which the specific colleagues will be subject.
c. In the aforementioned amendment, the additional 5-year recognition is mentioned for those colleagues who do not complete 40 years of working life when they reach the age of 60. We point out that the paragraph in question is highly incorrect and inaccurate, as the pension legislation states that the conditions for retirement are 40 pensionable years of service or the age limit of 60 years.
d. In continuation of the previous paragraph, on 02 Nov 23 the Secretariat EPOD/POMENS proceeded to inform colleagues by publishing an informative letter on the pension status of Professional Soldiers, in which it is expressly stated that the 40 pensionable years concern the entire insurance life, including the years of insurance before enlisting in the Armed Forces. As it is concluded, there is no question of an additional 5 years as the legislation is clear on the matter and there is no need to burden the staff with additional contributions.
e. Finally, it must be pointed out that there is absolutely no mention of the rating of the Professional Soldiers and their upgrading, at least for those who will declare to stay, except that “The Professional Soldiers (OP.OP.) who will remain in the Armed Forces are progressing normally in accordance with the provisions of Law 2936/2001 (Government Gazette A’ 166)”, i.e. up to the rank of Sergeant as is currently the case.
Following all of the above, POMENS declares its opposition and disagreement with the filing of the amendment by PASOK-Movement for Change. Under no circumstances can we accept an amendment that leaves more gaps than what is in place and is inconsistent with the proposal of the sole institutional representative.
The institution of the OP.OP counts more than 20 years of presence in the Armed Forces, having the role of “backbone” according to the repeated statements of the military and political leadership in the past. The EPODs occupy critical positions for the Armed Forces, handling the cutting edge and all of the weapon systems, filling a huge percentage of positions for the operation of the Service Units.
Colleagues – Colleagues,
The insurance of the Professional Soldiers has been the flag of P.O.M.EN.S for 3 years, it has been highlighted both institutionally and Parliamentaryly by all the parties of the Parliament, seeking a definitive solution to the issue in order to stop the chronic hostage of colleagues as well as their families. For this reason, we invite all Professional Hoplites to support our fight, through their registration and constant contact with the Primary Unions of POMENS.
The Professional Hoplites (OP.OP), faithful to our obligations, will continue to carry out our duties in full, with the ultimate goal of defending the territorial integrity and national independence of our Motherland.
Finally, we expect the Political and Military leadership to confirm your real interest in trying to solve the serious and chronic problems facing the institution.

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From the EPOP Secretariat: Ephias (PZ) Nikolaos Antonopoulos tel. 6971601974., Senior Secretary for EPOP Issues: Ephias (TH) Margaritopoulos Kon/nos tel. 6983602359.
Vice President of Administrative Affairs and Personnel: Lieutenant (DB) Sideris Votsis, tel. 6937481104.

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