New video of Belh@ara! The French and Greek Frigate under construction at the Naval Group shipyard

Closer and closer for the Greek frigate that will make the difference and terrorize the Turks

New video from Naval news in English showing the construction of the two Belh@ara of the French and Greek Navy.

It is worth recalling that months ago citing the Hellenic Parliament, and the details of the agreement for the French FDI frigates, the Turkish retired officer Tayfun Ozberk, and a columnist for Naval News, presented a powerful Greek force, with ships arming in the Aegean, causing terror essentially in the Turkish Navy.

“The details of Greece’s contract with the Naval Group for the FDI (Frégate de défense et d’intervention) frigates of the Hellenic Navy were published in the Hellenic Parliament on February 9.

The document contains all the details of the process such as equipment, configurations, dates, costs, payment plans and so on.

After a long period of planning, searching and evaluating bids from the world’s largest defense companies, the saga of the Hellenic Navy is nearing completion.

The most recent milestone in the whole process was the visit of the French Minister of Defense and her Greek counterpart to the Naval Group shipyard in Lorient (Brittany) on January 13, 2022.

During the visit, N.Panagiotopoulos did not make any new announcements regarding the procurement of frigates, but his presence there was a strong signal, also on the subject of Corvettes.

The FDI frigate contract provides the timetable and other important issues related to the frigates.

The document defines two configurations for the frigates, Standart-1 and Standart-2:

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Standard-1 refers to a lighter configuration without additional features such as Sylver A50 VLS 2×8 launchers (with 16 ASTER missiles) but also a RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) Proximity Defense Missile System (PDMS).

Standard-2 refers to a more equipped configuration, which will have launchers, Sylver A50 VLS 4×8 (with 32 ASTER missiles) and RAM PDMS.

Greece will purchase three FDI frigates from Naval Group, with an additional frigate available as an option.

The first two frigates will be Standard-1 or French configuration, while the third will be Standard-2.

If the additional option of one more frigate is selected, the fourth frigate will also be of Standard-2 configuration.

Both configurations will be equipped with 2×4 Exocet MM40 Block 3c anti-ship missiles, a 76mm Super Rapido gun and a 2×20mm Nexter Narwhal remote-controlled weapon system.

The first two frigates will be upgraded to the Standard-2 configuration approximately one year after the delivery of the third frigate, with the delivery of the additional frigate scheduled after the upgrades of the first two if the option is exercised.

31.10.2022 – Cutting the torpedo of the 2nd frigate
30.11.2022 – The 1st frigate is in tank
31.10.2023 – Torpedo cutting of 3rd frigate
30.11.2023 – The 2nd frigate is working in a special tank
31.08.2024 – First sea trial of the 1st frigate
31.03.2025 – Delivery of the 1st frigate
30.06.2025 – The 2nd frigate is undergoing sea trials
31.10.2025 – Delivery of the 2nd frigate
30.06.2026 – Sea trials of the 3rd frigate
31.10.2026 – Delivery of the 3rd frigate

31.01.2027 – Completion of the upgrade of the 2nd frigate to Standard-2 level

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30.09.2027 – Completion of the upgrade of the 1st frigate to Standard-2

The FDI is a 4,500-ton class first-line surface warship.

Versatile and durable, the Frigate is capable of operating either alone or within a naval force.

It has capabilities for all types of warfare: surface, air, anti-submarine, as well as naval power projection.

Bringing together the best French naval technologies on a compact platform, the FDI is a powerful and innovative frigate, designed to meet the evolution of all modern threats.

Heavily armed (Exocet MM40 B3C surface-to-surface missiles, Aster 15/30 anti-aircraft missiles, MU90 anti-submarine torpedoes, cannon), the FDI is able to simultaneously carry a helicopter (10-ton class, such as the NH90 helicopter) and an unmanned aerial vehicle (up to 700 kg).

It can also host a detachment of Special Forces with their two cruisers.

It is equipped with the new generation Seafire radar with four fixed panels, developed by Thales, which, combined with the missile system, offers unparalleled area defense capabilities,” concludes Tayfun Ozberk, a former Turkish naval officer who specializes in surface warfare, especially in coastal waters.

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