New shock for the Turks “door” and from Germany for the supply of defense material

Significant reduction in the supply of German material to Turkey compared to previous years.

Another door is closing for Turkey, it seems, on the issue of providing defense equipment.

While in the previous years under Chancellor Angela Merkel Germany reinforced the Turks with a lot of military equipment, this has been dramatically reduced under Olaf Solz.

According to a report by the Open channel, in a question to the German parliament, to the party of the left, what Germany has given, what Germany has given in equipment to Turkey, in the last year. That is, in 2022.

Specifically, according to the response of the German Ministry of Economy, from the beginning of the year, until September, defense equipment worth 3.9 million euros was given to the Turks.

A much smaller amount compared to last year which was 11 million and to 2019 which was 26 million. In fact, according to the German government, no equipment related to submarines, but also drone equipment, has been given.

This is something that is also of great interest to Greece, as according to information, Germany is very late in sending electronic equipment for the 2014 submarines, which are manufactured in Turkey. According to the German finance ministry, nothing related to submarines has been sent to the Turks.

The Germans also revealed that Turkish Leopard tanks have been transferred from Turkey to the occupied Cyprus, which violates existing agreements. However, the German Ministry refused to take a clear position on the matter.

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