Navy vote of confidence in Saab

Saab’s Swedish systems represent the cutting edge of technology and are rightly considered state-of-the-art and of excellent quality. Saab has become widely known in the Hellenic Armed Forces due to the top performance of the ASEPE and secondarily due to the Arthur anti-aircraft radars which have really left the best impression. Recently, Saab submitted an excellent proposal for the Mid-Life Modernization of the MEKO 200 HN frigates. A very balanced and reasonably priced proposal.

The PN from Saab’s proposal singled out an area where the Swedish system really has unrivaled performance and is really excellent. The reason for the so-called “laser warning receiver” is the receiver that the ships carry in order to detect threats that take place through targeting and then guiding weapons through a laser beam to the target. Specifically, the Swedish company proposed the NLWS (Naval laser-warning system) for the MEKOs with the PN choosing it, while according to the writer’s information the NLWS will also be installed on the new Greek FDI frigates since a few days ago due to the PN’s preferences the French Naval Group agreed with Saab to install NLWS on FDI.

NLWS provides real-time tactical situational awareness and threat management offering increased survivability aboard a ship. The system is fully interoperable with FDI’s ESM as well as the tactical combat system.

It should be noted that the Greek Army also chose the Swedish BT-46 training system, as we wrote earlier today for the training of the Armored Weapons in dual action exercises, while Saab claims a wealth of equipment for the Armed Forces, having demonstrated excellent solutions (new anti-tank weapons, new radar, etc.).

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