National Chariot Ulama Competition “UMA 2024”

From February 05 to 09, 2024, the “UMA 2024” National Tank Competition of Armored Units of the 1st Army/EU-OHQ “ACHILLES” with LEO1A5 tanks took place at the Litochoro Tank Shooting Range (PVAL).

The Ulama were evaluated in operational procedures with measurable objective criteria, which among other things focused on issues of small-scale tactics, technical execution of shots as well as technical issues of tanks.

The final ranking of the Ulama was derived from a combination of the time it took each crew to complete the tests, in relation to the individual rating of their skills and especially their marksmanship.

Throughout the competition, the effort, zeal and knowledge of the subjects by the contestants, as well as their high level of training and operational readiness, were particularly evident.

On Friday 09 February 2024, the Day of Distinguished Visitors (DV – Day) of the Competition took place which was attended by the Chief of the General Staff of the Army Lieutenant General Georgios Kostidis, the Commander of the 1st ARMY/EU-OHQ “ACHILLES” Lieutenant General Demokritos Konstantakos as well as Officers of Army.

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