Milliyet: Gülen betrayed to Athens a secret plan to attack Turkey

What did the plan foresee, according to the Turkish newspaper

Another imaginative and highly conspiratorial scenario saw the light of day in the Turkish press, written by Milliyet newspaper columnist Ozay Sendir.

In it he claims that military associates of self-imposed US imam Fethullah Gülen revealed and delivered to Athens a secret plan for a Turkish attack on Greece.

As he states, the “plan” envisages a “lightning attack” by Turkey on the mainland, targeting Thessaloniki and Athens, in order to surprise Greece, which would logically expect some movement on the islands.

This action would lead – always according to the alleged Turkish attack plan – to the movement of military forces from the Aegean to defend the interior of Greece. And then Turkey would occupy these islands “when the Greek soldiers stationed there would leave the islands to defend the main lands of the country.

The columnist claims that FETO (Gülen’s organization) handed over to the Greek authorities the specific “plan” as well as the locations of military bases, arsenals and warehouses from where Turkey would attack our country.

“As expected, Greece never announced that it is in possession of the specific plan, but it made the necessary preparations,” writes Sentirelleni publications with possible escalation scenarios from Turkey.

The columnist also claims that Alexandroupolis was militarized by the US, with the consent of Greece, because it held “an important position in the Operational Plan that FETO delivered to Athens”, while he accuses followers of the exiled imam of seeking to provoke a conflict between Turkey – Greece in order to destabilize the country and bring down Tayyip Erdogan.

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Involvement of the CIA to overthrow Erdogan

Finally, Sendir refers to alleged American scenarios, with references to the involvement of the CIA, which aim to overthrow Erdogan from power, through a military conflict between Turkey and Greece.

The columnist cites a recent article in the National Interest by the prominent American analyst Michael Rubin (whom he describes as a “CIA boy”) according to which Turkey would initially occupy certain islets and islets in the Aegean, provoking a reaction from Greece which would then reoccupy them militarily, which would lead to the downfall of Erdogan.

To reinforce the scenario of American involvement, in fact, he refers to Rubin’s article which concluded: “Often, the United States and NATO allow themselves to be distracted, a tendency from which some aggressors seek an advantage.

It is important that both Washington and Brussels act preemptively: Any Turkish move on the Greek islands would trigger a military response against Turkish forces on those islands that would humiliate Erdogan and hasten his downfall, elections or not.

Erdogan may want to be embraced as a sultan and remembered as more important than Atatürk, but he must understand today that if he follows this course of action, his fate will be similar to that of the overthrown and then imprisoned Argentinian dictator Leopoldo Galtieri the failure to seize the Falkland Islands’.

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