Military Emissions: Global Defense Technology 144

This latest issue of Global defense technology once again brings you all the latest insights and analysis on technologies, policies and factors affecting the defense space.

Ahead of the recent COP28 climate summit in Dubai, calls have intensified for the UN to force militaries to report and reduce emissions. However, there is no obligation to report or reduce the carbon footprint under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Meanwhile, developments in soldier protection are seeing new materials and designs used to keep the wearer safe on the battlefield. With threats evolving, the industry is experiencing a boom in innovation and diversity.

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Elsewhere, we look at the role Belarus can play in Russia’s ambitions to push the boundaries of NATO and bring former Soviet states back into Moscow’s orbit.

Additionally, analysis by GlobalData’s TS Lombard on the West’s seizure of Russian assets shows that while it’s one thing to talk a big game, acting on it, with all the geopolitical and economic implications that would entail, it’s another matter entirely.

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