Message of YNANP Th. Kliaris for World Environment Day

The 5th of June of each year has been established internationally since 1972 to be celebrated as “World Environment Day” in all Member States of the United Nations (UN) with the aim of informing, raising awareness, educating and activating environmental consciousness of all citizens.

This celebration gives us the opportunity to realize the inseparable connection of human societies with the natural environment, as well as that all of us as a whole must make every effort to protect the environment from the dangers that threaten it.

Our country in particular, a place with a tradition in commercial shipping and tourism, shows a characteristic sensitivity to the protection of the environment, doing its utmost to meet the spirit of the celebration.

The contribution of YNANP, as the materially responsible body for the protection of the marine environment of our country, is important and is carried out through the monitoring of international developments in matters of marine environment protection and the formation of the relevant legislative framework, the control of the application of the applicable legislation , as well as the undertaking of initiatives and related actions, which have as their primary objective the development of the environmental consciousness of the population.

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