Meeting of the Head of GEETHA with the Ambassador of Japan in Greece

On Friday, November 10, 2023, the Chief of Defense Forces, General Konstantinos Floros, met in his office with the Ambassador of Japan to Greece, Mr. Yasunori Nakayama.

During the meeting, which took place in a particularly warm atmosphere, the current developments in Ukraine and Israel, as well as the security challenges in Syria, Libya, Lebanon and the Sahel region, with the resulting migration and refugee flows.

The Chief of the General Staff underlined the positive response of our country to Japan’s request to host aircraft and personnel in order to assist in operations to evacuate its nationals from the Middle East, as well as to the corresponding requests of the USA and France and Australia, while he made special mention of the recent mission of a Greek C-130 Aircraft with pharmaceutical and medical material for humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip. At the same time, and referring to the situation in Ukraine, he referred to Greece’s contribution with humanitarian and military aid.

He also emphasized the contribution of the Hellenic Armed Forces (AFF) to the decisive role played by Greece as a pillar of stability and security in the wider region, emphasizing the close military relationship with most Arab countries and Israel, as well as with France and the USA.

On a bilateral level, he pointed out the excellent relations between Greece and Japan and the mutual respect between the two peoples, who share the same principles and the same vision for peace and security throughout the world, based on the principles of International Law and the rules of good neighborhood.

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In closing, the Chief of the General Staff referred to the prospect of strengthening the military relations of the 2 Countries despite the great geographical distance between them and welcomed the Armed Forces of Japan in Greece for the joint training and exchange of military know-how.

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