Meeting of the Chief of GEETHA with ODA officials – On the carpet the evolution of Greek military drones

The issue of the development of the Greek programs in military drones was discussed today at GEETHA.

GEETHA Chief General Konstantinos Floros met in his office with Ioannis Koutras President of the Hellenic Aviation Industry (EIA), Michael Koronaios Vice President of the EIA, Theodoros Grimanis Special Advisor of the Ministry of Finance and Christos Christodoulou Advisor to the Ministry of Finance.

During the meeting, issues of mutual interest were discussed with an emphasis on the new technological developments in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the operational requirements of the Armed Forces, the capabilities and special features of the “ARCHYTAS” “Autonomous Multi-Purpose Aerial Vehicle” program.

Also discussed were the general research activities and the possibilities in terms of design and production by the ODA in the field in question, including the Aircraft that are part of the category of Loitering Munitions.

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